Suika Game

Suika Game or Watermelon Game: just drop fruits into a box & merge Watermelon as much as you can. Play the Suika Watermelon Game Online version on PC now!

About Suika Game

Suika Game is a game where players drop different types of fruits into a box one by one, they create explosions of excitement if they are the same. Especially, Suika Watermelon game is known for its enjoyable and easy-to-understand gameplay, making it a hit on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

The Origins of the Suika Watermelon Game

Suika Game started in China as a web game called "Synthetic Big Watermelon." But it took off on December 9, 2021, when Aladdin X introduced it to the Nintendo eShop in Japan. That's when it became known worldwide as the Suika Game or the Watermelon Game.

In the Watermelon game, you put different fruits into a box one by one. The cool part is how these fruits move around – they roll and sway, making it fun to watch.
When two fruits that look the same touch each other, they join together to form a bigger fruit. This sets off a chain reaction of merging, like a fruity dance.
The biggest fruit you can make is a watermelon, which gives you the most points. But be careful, if the fruits spill out of the box, the game ends, so you need to be smart about how you stack them.

A Bunch of Different Fruits

Play Suika Game is cool because it has lots of different fruits, each with different colors and traits. From tiny cherries to huge watermelons, you can mix and match them in all sorts of ways:

  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Dekopons
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Pineapples
  • Melons
  • Watermelons


How to play Suika Game?

How to Play the Suika Watermelon Game on PC?

To start the Watermelon Game, the easiest and cost-free method is to visit While it's unclear whether this is the original version or if it's the same as the one available on the Nintendo Switch, it's certainly the iteration that most people are acquainted with. This version is free-to-play, user-friendly on both PC and mobile browsers, and boasts a vibrant and colorful experience. Consequently, numerous streamers, particularly in Japan, have embraced this charming title for their gaming sessions.

However, it's worth noting that some players have encountered occasional issues with the browser freezing during gameplay.

How to Play the Suika Game on Nintendo Switch?

As of the time of writing, Suika is accessible on the American, European, and Japanese versions of the eShop, all priced at approximately $2.99 USD or its equivalent.

All these versions are developed by Aladdin X and appear to offer the same gaming experience.

Whether the free, browser-based version is a product of the same developers or a copycat remains uncertain.

However, one thing is clear: the Nintendo Switch version provides a significantly more polished gaming experience compared to the browser version.

Tips and tricks to win in the Suika Game

To be a champion in Suika Game, you should keep these things in mind:

  • Firstly, Check out the Levels: Take a good look at each level and pay attention to the details. Sort the fruits by type to make bigger fruits.
  • Secondly, Get Creative: Don't be afraid to try new and creative strategies. Try different fruit arrangements in the Watermelon game to see what works best.
  • Thirdly, Learn from Mistakes: It's okay to make mistakes; that's how you learn. Don't give up, everyone has to try and make mistakes at first, and then you'll get better.
  • Finally, Playing with Friends: is even more fun when you play with friends. Team up, share your tips and enjoy the game together.

Why did the Suika Watermelon Game become globally famous?

In September 2023, Suika Game Online became incredibly popular, two years after it was first introduced. Because a lot of this is thanks to people who stream their games and create content. Particularly, Famous figures like VTubers from Japan and artists like Ado endorsed it. Platforms like Twitch saw a big increase in people watching Watermelon Game content, with millions of hours of it being watched every month.

Suika Game is proof that you can have a ton of fun in the gaming world with a simple, creative, and physics-based idea. Therefore, it invites you to go on a fruity adventure and see how many watermelons you can create. Jump in and enjoy the game; it's a great experience to indulge in. Have fun playing the game!


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